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For more information visit: "Pain news from Lithuania"




For info please visit: Pain updates throughout the world


About 5th vital sign

 Pain medicine is developing in Lithuania. The Ministry of Health issues several decrees related to pain management. The decree on emergency care (as of August 26, 2004) is one of the most important and relevant to pain as 5th vital sign. Management of pain using pain scales was approved as the rule of clinical practice by this decree. Nevertheless, lack of basic knowledge both practical skills remain as main obstacles looking for better pain assessment and treatment. Therefore, practical workshops educating healthcare professionals and giving them theoretical knowledge and practical skills are necessary in terms to improve pain management in Lithuania.   

Therefore, Lithuanian Pain Society in colaboration with the Ministry of Health of Republic of Lithuania has prepared the project „5th vital sign is discovering Lithuania“ . The project was awarded as EFIC (European Federation of IASP Chapters) educational course grant. Aim of the project was to teach healthcare professionals and give them knowledge about pain as the 5th vital sign seeking to improve healthcare and pain management in Lithuania. The project was organized as practical workshops in 10 regions of Lithuania. Target groups of the workshops were superior staff of units and departments in hospitals and outpatient clinics including senior nurses and senior physicians. In summary 10 workshops, one workshop in each county of Lithuania were arranged. Project has aimed and implemented the following objectives: (1) To introduce basic knowledge on pain medicine, (2) to give principles of pain management and control, and (3) to instruct practical skills on pain assessment and treatment.  

In sum, 560 participants took part in the project realized during 2006-2007. The project was expertized by EFIC Council as good example to other countries seeking to improve an organizational aspects of pain management.  

However, the project is pending and will stay as never-ending while pain relief become as a question of paramount importance. Since now 5th vital sign placing in virtual space will always remind you about destructive force of pain both will encourage you to search for real ways to stop it. In the webpage “Skausmo medicina” you always are welcome to find right answers to all questions concerning pain.

Assoc. Professor Arunas Sciupokas, MD